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16 August 2005 @ 09:52 pm
one down, one to go  
i remember, as a kid, thinking that maybe if i broke enough dishes while cleaning up after dinner, i would never be asked by my parents to do the dishes again. but, being the non-rebel that i was in my younger younger years, i never got enough balls to really do that on purpose.

however, my last night of waitressing has made me really wish that i had broken a few of those dinner plates when i was 9. it seems that i screwed up the salad bar so bad that one night that i walked out, they made the other waitresses do it for me tonite!

so yeah last nite of grahmms was pretty hot. too bad i dont get to see the cute little oh-so-easy-to-seduce 16yr old busboy one last time. i'll have to wait until i go back there on one of my breaks from college.

oh well. he can just be my christmas present. :)
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