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23 August 2005 @ 01:35 am
lived through another nervous breakdown ~ i rock  
how things worked out:
Friday: last day of camp = worst day of camp. but then i got covered in shaving cream and it wasnt so bad. stayed up late packing. stayed up even later checking out some website chris sent me that linked to all these funny short videos.
Saturday: moved in to school. organized kitchen with sheri. lunch at applebees. dropped salad on self then left in car for four hours. went home to babysit
Sunday: went to lots of meetings. got free food. dinner with nikki, kevin, and pat at Tacconelli's (some pretty swanky pizza place that let you bring ur own beer/wine... how hot is that??). oops missed my karaoke.
Monday: more meetings. first time at Tree Tops Cafe. decided to never go back to B&G... ever.

i cant believe i live in a real townhouse. like with a kitchen. and air conditioning. and like floors.

this is so sweet. :)
me: pleasedpleased