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02 September 2005 @ 03:38 pm
because its way important to know  
have you ___________ this summer 2005

had a party? just one, and no holes in the wall or ceiling! success :)
gone to a party? i wish i had had time
spent the night with someone? uhhh a couple times ~ mostly just to watch TV because roseanne marathons are only on at night
laughed until your stomach hurt? yup
laughed until you almost peed your pants? uhhuh
gone on a vacation? if jersey counts
tanned? i tried
swam? of course!
went to the movies? yup ~ but nothing this summer beat star wars III. four brothers was good too.
gone shopping? wayyyy too much
had a job? two!
gotten freakishly bored? maybe once
have you gotten sun burned yet? only at dorney cause they make you put all ur stuff in those stupid lockers that cost like a whole dollar
made a bonfire? hmm i didnt attempt to cook this summer so no fires for me
been outside during a lightning storm? yes, with screaming camp kids
been to another state? nj ~ but that doesnt really count as a state
been to another country? nope
changed something about your appearance? cut my hair kinda short
been to the the hospital with an injury? hmm no
committed a crime/broken the law? of course!
had a g/f or b/f? yeah way too overrated
dumped a g/f or b/f? nope
kissed someone? once, like the first week of summer ~ it was so long ago i cant even rememeber!!
been to a concert? just Coldplay ~ but it was pretty amazing
gotten in trouble with the cops/parents? nope i never get caught!
had a memorable moment? sooo many
had a horrible moment? yeah a good amount
made new friends? yup lots of waitresses, egyptian cooks, camp counselors, but my favorite friends were the little camp kids :)
found an old friend? one from hs, which to me is way old
missed a friend? definitely
slept under the stars? haha for a little when i drunkenly fell asleep next to my pool... proly not the best idea
thought about school? a little
been to the beach? not enough!
thought about a special someone? ummm all my friends are special to me! haha yes i totally got out of that one...
me: chipperchipper
music: christines crappy 80s music filtering through from below