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04 January 2006 @ 01:56 pm
Now, I'm not one to write in the LJ, and I don't expect to do it again... but in case anyone was wonderding about my year in general...

In 2005 I've...

[ ] made a varsity team.
[ ] gotten a lead in a school play.
[x] found the subject I love.
[ ] gotten straight A's.
[x] given the teachers a reason to teach.
[x] met one teacher I really like.
[ ] met one teacher I really hate.
[x] embarrassed myself in front of a class.
[ ] gotten into a fight with a classmate.
[ ] failed a class.
[x] cut class.
[x] skipped school.
[ ] gotten kicked out of school.
[ ] gotten a pay raise.
[ ] gotten a promotion.
[ ] changed jobs.
[ ] quit my job.
[ ] lost my job.
[ ] gotten fired.
[x] sat home all day doing nothing.

[x] flirted shamelessly.
[ ] had my first kiss.
[ ] kissed in the rain.
[ ] kissed in the snow.
[ ] kissed under mistletoe.
[ ] made out in a car.
[ ] kissed someone of the same sex.
[ ] questioned my sexual orientation.
[ ] come out of the closet.
[x] stayed single.
[ ] dated someone I'll never forget.
[ ] dated a coworker.
[ ] dated my boss.
[ ] dated my boss' daughter or son.
[ ] gotten pregnant.
[ ] gotten someone else pregnant.
[x] fallen in love.
[ ] fallen in love with a teacher.
[ ] had a good relationship with someone.
[ ] gotten married.
[ ] fallen out of love.
[ ] gotten divorced.
[x] had my heart broken.
[x] cried over a broken heart.
[ ] broken someone else's heart.
[ ] lost my true love forever.
[ ] lost my faith in love.
[ ] lost someone close to me.
[x] met great people.
[x] met someone who changed my life.
[ ] reunited with a friend.
[ ] made a new best friend.
[x] found out who my true friends are.

[x] lied.
[ ] stolen.
[ ] been stalked.
[x] stalked someone.
[ ] skinny-dipped.
[x] drunk alcohol.
[x] drunk alcohol underage.
[x] gotten drunk.
[x] gotten way too drunk.
[ ] done (a) drug(s).
[ ] almost died.
[ ] gotten arrested.
[x] broken a promise.
[ ] done something I swore never to do.
[x] done something I've regretted.
[x] disappointed someone close.
[x] hidden a secret.
[x] told a secret that would ruin my life if revealed.
[x] lost something important.
[x] made a total fool of myself.
[x] proved myself an idiot.
[ ] made a terrible mistake.

[x] dyed my hair.
[x] tried to lose weight.
[ ] tried to gain weight.
[ ] gone camping.
[ ] slept under the stars.
[x] gone to a sleep-over.
[x] thrown a surprise party.
[x] gone to a wild party.
[x] thrown a wild party.
[x] taken a vacation.
[ ] taken a road trip.
[x] left the country.
[ ] met one of my idols.
[x] gotten a gift I adore.
[x] read a great book.
[x] seen a great movie.
[x] laughed so hard I cried.
[ ] laughed so hard I peed.
[x] pretended to be sick.
[x] pretended to be happy.
[ ] kept my New Year's resolution(s).
[x] forgotten my New Year's resolution(s).
[x] done something I was proud of.
[ ] discovered a new talent.
[x] learned something new about myself.
[x] given up something important to me.
[x] tried something I normally wouldn't try and liked it.
[ ] accomplished something that shocked everyone.
[x] been involved in something I'll never forget.
[x] made a change in my life.
[x] changed my outlook on life.

[x] My answers are totally honest.
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