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04 January 2006 @ 01:56 pm
Now, I'm not one to write in the LJ, and I don't expect to do it again... but in case anyone was wonderding about my year in general...

In 2005 I've...

[ ] made a varsity team.
[ ] gotten a lead in a school play.
[x] found the subject I love.
[ ] gotten straight A's.
[x] given the teachers a reason to teach.
[x] met one teacher I really like.
[ ] met one teacher I really hate.
[x] embarrassed myself in front of a class.
[ ] gotten into a fight with a classmate.
[ ] failed a class.
[x] cut class.
[x] skipped school.
[ ] gotten kicked out of school.
[ ] gotten a pay raise.
[ ] gotten a promotion.
[ ] changed jobs.
[ ] quit my job.
[ ] lost my job.
[ ] gotten fired.
[x] sat home all day doing nothing.

[x] flirted shamelessly.
[ ] had my first kiss.
[ ] kissed in the rain.
[ ] kissed in the snow.
[ ] kissed under mistletoe.
[ ] made out in a car.
[ ] kissed someone of the same sex.
[ ] questioned my sexual orientation.
[ ] come out of the closet.
[x] stayed single.
[ ] dated someone I'll never forget.
[ ] dated a coworker.
[ ] dated my boss.
[ ] dated my boss' daughter or son.
[ ] gotten pregnant.
[ ] gotten someone else pregnant.
[x] fallen in love.
[ ] fallen in love with a teacher.
[ ] had a good relationship with someone.
[ ] gotten married.
[ ] fallen out of love.
[ ] gotten divorced.
[x] had my heart broken.
[x] cried over a broken heart.
[ ] broken someone else's heart.
[ ] lost my true love forever.
[ ] lost my faith in love.
[ ] lost someone close to me.
[x] met great people.
[x] met someone who changed my life.
[ ] reunited with a friend.
[ ] made a new best friend.
[x] found out who my true friends are.

[x] lied.
[ ] stolen.
[ ] been stalked.
[x] stalked someone.
[ ] skinny-dipped.
[x] drunk alcohol.
[x] drunk alcohol underage.
[x] gotten drunk.
[x] gotten way too drunk.
[ ] done (a) drug(s).
[ ] almost died.
[ ] gotten arrested.
[x] broken a promise.
[ ] done something I swore never to do.
[x] done something I've regretted.
[x] disappointed someone close.
[x] hidden a secret.
[x] told a secret that would ruin my life if revealed.
[x] lost something important.
[x] made a total fool of myself.
[x] proved myself an idiot.
[ ] made a terrible mistake.

[x] dyed my hair.
[x] tried to lose weight.
[ ] tried to gain weight.
[ ] gone camping.
[ ] slept under the stars.
[x] gone to a sleep-over.
[x] thrown a surprise party.
[x] gone to a wild party.
[x] thrown a wild party.
[x] taken a vacation.
[ ] taken a road trip.
[x] left the country.
[ ] met one of my idols.
[x] gotten a gift I adore.
[x] read a great book.
[x] seen a great movie.
[x] laughed so hard I cried.
[ ] laughed so hard I peed.
[x] pretended to be sick.
[x] pretended to be happy.
[ ] kept my New Year's resolution(s).
[x] forgotten my New Year's resolution(s).
[x] done something I was proud of.
[ ] discovered a new talent.
[x] learned something new about myself.
[x] given up something important to me.
[x] tried something I normally wouldn't try and liked it.
[ ] accomplished something that shocked everyone.
[x] been involved in something I'll never forget.
[x] made a change in my life.
[x] changed my outlook on life.

[x] My answers are totally honest.
me: nostalgicnostalgic
music: I Shall Not Walk Alone ~ The Blind Boys of Alabama
14 September 2005 @ 01:04 pm
ok so i know i swore never to go back to new jersey after everything that happened last week, but i left something there and i need to go back just one last time. anyway i really really miss the beach already.

soooo... saturday is gonna be my last day in the armpit of america ~ let me know if your down.
me: crushedrained on
music: a little foo
02 September 2005 @ 03:38 pm
have you ___________ this summer 2005

had a party? just one, and no holes in the wall or ceiling! success :)
gone to a party? i wish i had had time
spent the night with someone? uhhh a couple times ~ mostly just to watch TV because roseanne marathons are only on at night
laughed until your stomach hurt? yup
laughed until you almost peed your pants? uhhuh
gone on a vacation? if jersey counts
tanned? i tried
swam? of course!
went to the movies? yup ~ but nothing this summer beat star wars III. four brothers was good too.
gone shopping? wayyyy too much
had a job? two!
gotten freakishly bored? maybe once
have you gotten sun burned yet? only at dorney cause they make you put all ur stuff in those stupid lockers that cost like a whole dollar
made a bonfire? hmm i didnt attempt to cook this summer so no fires for me
been outside during a lightning storm? yes, with screaming camp kids
been to another state? nj ~ but that doesnt really count as a state
been to another country? nope
changed something about your appearance? cut my hair kinda short
been to the the hospital with an injury? hmm no
committed a crime/broken the law? of course!
had a g/f or b/f? yeah way too overrated
dumped a g/f or b/f? nope
kissed someone? once, like the first week of summer ~ it was so long ago i cant even rememeber!!
been to a concert? just Coldplay ~ but it was pretty amazing
gotten in trouble with the cops/parents? nope i never get caught!
had a memorable moment? sooo many
had a horrible moment? yeah a good amount
made new friends? yup lots of waitresses, egyptian cooks, camp counselors, but my favorite friends were the little camp kids :)
found an old friend? one from hs, which to me is way old
missed a friend? definitely
slept under the stars? haha for a little when i drunkenly fell asleep next to my pool... proly not the best idea
thought about school? a little
been to the beach? not enough!
thought about a special someone? ummm all my friends are special to me! haha yes i totally got out of that one...
me: chipperchipper
music: christines crappy 80s music filtering through from below
how things worked out:
Friday: last day of camp = worst day of camp. but then i got covered in shaving cream and it wasnt so bad. stayed up late packing. stayed up even later checking out some website chris sent me that linked to all these funny short videos.
Saturday: moved in to school. organized kitchen with sheri. lunch at applebees. dropped salad on self then left in car for four hours. went home to babysit
Sunday: went to lots of meetings. got free food. dinner with nikki, kevin, and pat at Tacconelli's (some pretty swanky pizza place that let you bring ur own beer/wine... how hot is that??). oops missed my karaoke.
Monday: more meetings. first time at Tree Tops Cafe. decided to never go back to B&G... ever.

i cant believe i live in a real townhouse. like with a kitchen. and air conditioning. and like floors.

this is so sweet. :)
me: pleasedpleased
18 August 2005 @ 11:47 pm
ugh i have a really bad feeling about the rest of this week.

how am i gonna move in by myself, train for team leader, train for work, finish inventory for my camp job, baby-sit, and attend a funeral all in one week???

i dont think i can handle more than one of these things at a time. this may be a problem.

me: worriedoverwhelmed
16 August 2005 @ 09:52 pm
i remember, as a kid, thinking that maybe if i broke enough dishes while cleaning up after dinner, i would never be asked by my parents to do the dishes again. but, being the non-rebel that i was in my younger younger years, i never got enough balls to really do that on purpose.

however, my last night of waitressing has made me really wish that i had broken a few of those dinner plates when i was 9. it seems that i screwed up the salad bar so bad that one night that i walked out, they made the other waitresses do it for me tonite!

so yeah last nite of grahmms was pretty hot. too bad i dont get to see the cute little oh-so-easy-to-seduce 16yr old busboy one last time. i'll have to wait until i go back there on one of my breaks from college.

oh well. he can just be my christmas present. :)
me: ecstaticecstatic
music: rebel rebel
16 August 2005 @ 01:27 am
I'm back. I was down the shore, but it seems as though I either didn't tell anyone, or else everyone forgot. Anyhow, big props to Sheri... it was nice to know someone would call with 5 days if I went missing for real. I mean, technically, I could've been kidnapped and thrown into the Schuylkill by now, but no harm, no foul.;)

Oh, and Linda, you should invite your boss... that is if he's not really old. Egyptians? Sounds dark and mysterious to me.

And I am doing that google thing, cause it was really funny.
Directions: type "(your name) is" with the quotes, into a google search then pick out your favorite five responses. copy, then repost your responses:
1. Christine is nothing if not entertaining during dinner. (well obviously)
2. Christine is looking for investors to help her to produce two television programs. One of them will be entitled "How To Connect To Your Spirit Guides And Angels" and the other "Haunted Places In Canada."
3. Christine is part of a team that works for United Mission to Nepal (UMN) in the rural district of Sunsari, which is located in the Tarai region, a lowland, tropical area of Nepal, 500 kilometres south east of the capital, Kathmandu.
4. Christine is a 300lb woman, but people who have known Christine tell me that this number is a bit too generous.
5. Christine is the place to be. (open bar and free for ladies on Wednesdays... what's not to like?)

Hmmm, as I was searching, I came up with this weird site that has all these "Christine is" phrases... basically the same game I was just doing. Here's the page... http://www.googlism.com/when_is/c/christine/
me: pensivepensive
music: Can't Help Falling In Love ~ UB40 (yeah 80s white reggae)
eweweweewwew one of my sorta-bosses, egyptian of course, gave me his number today and made me promise him i would call him while i'm at school so he could come visit me!!!


but he's the cuter one so i'm kinda on the fence with this one.

help me! what do i do???
me: distresseddistressed
music: christina
13 August 2005 @ 09:41 am
for about a week there i wasnt in the best mood * me--> :(

then i went shopping * me--> :)

$200 sure does disappear fast * me--> :0

good thing i have that job at school, thats all i gotta say * me--> :D "whew!"
me: rejuvenatedrejuvenated
music: the 23492803985th single from black eyed peas
08 August 2005 @ 11:01 pm
Directions: type "(your name) is" with the quotes, into a google search then pick out your favorite five responses. copy, then repost your responses:

1)Linda is still recovering.
2)Linda is a former male to female transsexual who transitioned in the early 1990's.
3)Linda is a certified pastry chef.
4)Linda is clearly on the right path.
5)Linda is an accomplished folk'n country/blues singer/songwriter, contemplating life in Lanark County with her partner, and their two dogs.
me: creativecreative
music: death cab for cutie